What Is N.O.L.A.N©?

"Through education and awareness we seek to put an end to hazing and to empower you to make the difference between life and death."

The mission of the NMB Foundation is to assist young adults in recognizing and preventing the dangers associated with hazing. We utilize local schools and parent-teacher organizations through education and awareness to promote a full and honest conversation to provide solutions to help young adults combat hazing.


Our vision is to teach young adults how to understand and identify the behaviors of hazing. We encourage leadership and the importance of not being an inactive bystander. We want others to understand the life-long legal, moral and financial consequences of participating in hazing. Provided this knowledge, we hope to empower young adults to overcome reluctance to report incidents and to utilize CPR and basic medical assistance to save a life.

How it works?


Notice abusive behaviors

Notice the behaviors of those around you. Whether it is hazing or bullying the outcome of such behaviors can be both physically and emotionally damaging.


Obey the buddy system

Obey the buddy system. Always make sure you have someone to look out for your well being and vice versa.



Leadership in any situation can create a positive outcome. Step up and be that leader if there is none. Don’t just assume someone else is taking charge.


Act on the situation

Act in a timely matter. Sometimes time is of the essence and someone’s life may be at risk with every minute that passes. Know CPR and general first aid.


Notify someone

Notify someone immediately of the situation. Don’t hesitate to get help. Call 911.