Our presentations use a combination of educational materials and thought provoking conversations utilizing our action plan N.O.L.A.N.


By sharing Nolan’s story, we believe this can be the generation to end hazing.  Our educational program is direct, honest and insightful while showing evidence on the dangers of hazing.  Our presentation is not just a video.  It is the foundation of a critical conversation for all age groups.  Our goal is to prevent a hazing tragedy from ever happening again to any child or their family.  Invite us to tell you about Nolan, who he was and the movement for change his memory has inspired.   

The In-person Presentation

Share an exclusive viewing of Breathe, Nolan, Breathe, with Kim and TJ Burch.  This unique presentation is raw and impactful utilizing actual video footage from the night Nolan died.  Understand the dangers of hazing and how N.O.L.A.N. – N: Notice, O: Obey, L: Lead, A: Act, N: Notify, can help keep you safe.  Master the signs of alcohol intoxication to avoid a health crisis for yourself and others.  This session includes one-on-one dialogue with Kim and TJ as they answer all your questions and explain why they are willing to tell Nolan’s story over and over to save a life.  Our NMB educational guide and brochure are provided to every attendee to discuss with family, friends, and administrators.    

The Virtual Presentation

A virtual format has proven ideal for large groups outside Western New York, or those with a widespread audience.  Independently view Breathe, Nolan, Breathe, then join Kim and TJ Burch virtually as they tell Nolan’s story.  Learn the dangers of hazing, ascertain the signs of alcohol poisoning and determine how N.O.L.A.N. – N: Notice, O: Obey, L: Lead, A: Act, N: Notify, can keep you safe.  No questions are off limits as the Burch Family discuss the pain of losing their son and their heartfelt plea to end hazing.  Some support materials can be shared electronically.

CPR/AED/First Aid Certification & Online Training

Become certified to actively promote a safer and more educated environment.  Whether you choose to take this course individually or as a group, what better way to prepare yourself for a potential life-saving event.

The American Health Training Association offers organizations and individuals the training materials they need maintain a safer background. These training courses are designed to ensure that the latest standards are met. AHT certification courses follow the latest OSHA and ECC/ILCOR guidelines.  Click here to sign up today

NMB – On the Move 

NMB On the Move is devoted to sharing Nolan’s Story with everyone we meet.  An interactive presentation with the Burch Family provides a learning experience like no other.  Our educational program has been part of the curriculum at schools and universities. Call us today to add your name to our distinguished list of host organizations.


Clarence High School
West Virginia University
Florida Gulf Coast University
Penn State University
Nichols School
St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute

Depew High School
Iroquois High School
Williamsville East High School
Williamsville South High School
Kendall High School
Steve Tasker Leadership Program – Canisius College for Professional Development

Elma-Marilla Legion Post
Delta Chi Fraternity
Phi Sigma Phi Fraternity
Kutztown University
University of New Hampshire
University of Oregon


I am an alumnus of West Virginia University and knew about Nolan’s story the second it happened.  It shook me at the core, as I knew that could have been me.  I felt it was my duty to do something about it and we did. I partnered with WVU, ANYONE and the Burch Family to create “Would You?” A Bystander Awareness campaign and also  “Breathe, Nolan, Breathe” a 35 minute educational documentary about Nolan. We know for a fact that our work has saved lives.  There is no better way to preserve the legacy of Nolan than saving other people’s lives.  Hazing is not a joke. It’s a crime. We must work together to make this stop and the Burch’s and the NMB Foundation are doing exactly that.  I proud to call the Burch’s my friends and encourage people to support the NMB Foundation

Daniel E Catullo III

Director - “Breathe, Nolan, Breathe”, CEO of City Drive Studios & WVU Alumnus | Los Angeles , California

I am a physician in Nor-Cal. I saw tonight’s dateline and noticed the shirt that dad was wearing. I googled it as I thought it was likely associated with a non-profit, and here I am.  Anyway, first of all, I want to tell you how incredibly sorry I am for your loss.  What an amazing young man it sounds as though your son was.  A beautiful soul which still lives on despite the separation of the body. 

I work in primary care and have a focus in adolescent medicine. I discuss all things related to college including sex, STD, alcohol, etc. however it had never dawned on me to educate about hazing.  I would love to help spread Nolan’s message. 

Thank you for what you do and again I am so sorry for your loss.


Megan Babb

Update Jan. 2022: Since the 2018 airing, Nolan’s sticker remains on my Hydroflask and I spend dedicated time speaking to high school students and college students about hazing.  I have identified characteristics of those most likely to haze and give youth tools how to overcome the pressures they face.  Thank you for sharing his story.

Megan Babb

Northern California

I saw your story on TV and it touched me deeply. My only son just graduated from HS this weekend on his 18th birthday. I will be sending him off to college in August, and your son’s story is my greatest fear. I will be sitting him down to watch Nolan’s story. The images of your son being carried through that parking lot and left motionless on that table will haunt me always, and I want those very images to be burned into my son’s brain as well. My hope is that he will recall Nolan every time he has a choice to make while away at school. I think your son’s story is a far better lesson than any cautionary words I could speak. I thank you for that, for sharing your story so that others might survive to live full, rewarding lives. My heart aches for you and your loss. On a side note, when TJ spoke about missing the smell of Nolan, I fell into gasping tears. I know EXACTLY what he means, as my children’s’ scents hold such an emotional, primal connection that cannot be explained unless you are a parent and have those visceral experiences. It was not strange at all. It made all the sense in the world. May you find peace in knowing that your story is helping, it is educating, it has purpose, and your son’s death is not in vain. With gratitude and warmth, 

Julie F.

South Elgin, Illinois

We’ve had the NMB Foundation present at our school (Clarence HS) for the past few years.  It is such an impactful and powerful presentation.  Prior to the presentation, my classes start with the Breathe, Nolan, Breathe video.  Students are shocked to hear some of the facts and information on alcohol poisoning and hazing.  It also hits home for so many students hearing that it happens everywhere, even in their own community.  When Kim and TJ come to present the N.O.L.A.N. acronym and do a Q&A session, the students have had such great responses.  Hearing from Nolan’s parents leaves a lasting impression.  This presentation is well worth it for everyone involved!

Cathy S.

Clarence, NY

At the suggestion of my son, I just watched your video.

My son, Sam, was a Freshman at WVU in the Fall of 2014. He graduated from McQuaid Jesuit in Rochester. I know that Nolan went to Canisius, so I felt a sense of brotherhood for Sam and Nolan.

I remember when Nolan died. I was devastated. Sam was also pledging a fraternity at WVU. I am a member of a sorority, so I understand Greek life. My first reaction was, “They are his BROTHERS. They should have helped him!” I remember thinking that we were on the campus at the same time dropping our sons off and thinking about their future. It could have been any of our sons or daughters. I have told Sam many times that you take care of your brothers because they are your family.

I have thought of you and Nolan many times since then. I have prayed for you and your family. I was very moved by your video, and am so grateful for your efforts to help others and prevent it from happening again. I am certain that it will help educate young people to reach out and help if they see someone in need.

I work on a college campus and I see it all the time. We have had similar situations here, unfortunately. I think it would be very beneficial to share your video with every college.

I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Thank you for all you have done.

Mary S. C.

Geneseo, New York

I am the Grand Praetor for the Northern Texas Province of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. Just want you to know that I play Breathe Nolan Breathe for every incoming pledge class each semester for all 4 of my chapters. I can’t thank you enough for creating this video as it is the most effective avenue at getting my undergraduates attention and helping them truly understand the dangers of hazing and binge drinking. I remember! – 9/7/21

Just an FYI we are having our province workshop in April. I’m requiring all of our risk managers to show Breathe Nolan Breathe to all incoming pledges no later than 5 days after accepting their bids. They are also required to facilitate our training on our alcohol and zero tolerance hazing policy as part of that training. Update with Ron S. from Northern Texas. – 2/15/22

Ron S.

Northern Texas

“The experience of watching the “Breathe, Nolan, Breathe” film and then hearing about Nolan’s life from Kim & TJ Burch was one that resonated deeply with our seniors – especially since our students are months away from their own college campus experiences. I have no doubt that the Burch’s presentation and the story of Nolan’s life will influence the decisions these students make in the years ahead, calling on them to be more responsible and aware of the profound impact of their actions.”

Jim Spillman

Principal St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute, Buffalo, New York

The loss of someone we love leaves a heart ache that is unbearable. Taking an unfortunate loss and turning into something so powerful, so moving is the greatest tribute to your son. I watched the documentary last night and was moved to tears. Not only for your loss, but also by your actions.

As a Middle/High School Nurse and mother of 4 teenagers I am well aware of the social activities that teens partake in. Your message speaks volumes and I firmly believe that we cannot bury our heads in the sand but need to educate and empower our young people.

Heather G.

Just wanted to thank you for sharing your story. I just watched “Breathe Nolan Breathe.” I have a 20 year old son and a 17 year old daughter. When my son went away to college a couple years ago he had never drank. As a high profile athlete he was always afraid. But once in college, he joined the Freshman party scene and hit drunk 3 times. He drank a bottle of Fireball and is very lucky to be alive thanks to a teammate helping him by making sure he threw up. My sister showed me a picture of that night and he looked very close to death. He gave up drinking since then but I fear he still hasn’t learned his lesson. Just like your video says, this booze culture is killing kids!

I plan to share Nolan’s story with my children and encourage them to have rules at parties. One, take turns having a designated sober person to watch over everyone and two, no chugging straight alcohol.

Thank you again for sharing your story. You ARE making a difference.💗