NMB Foundation is grateful for all our donors.  Donations from individuals, families, companies and foundations enable NMB Foundation to continue to provide educational programs that help empower our youth to put an end to hazing.

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”

Coretta Scott King

NMB Foundation would like to thank all of our angels for your generous donations!"

Please help us hit our goal of 500 angels!

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NMB Foundation
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We are able to make a difference because of you!



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NMB Angels

Kurt Adolf
JoAnne Alaimo
Russ Alaimo
Kim Allen
Tom Allen
Amanda Allen
Amy Anderson
Rachael Anzalone
Karen Attea
Mike Attea
Henry Bacher
Sam Bacher
Shelley Bacher
Kevin Baker
Tracy Baker
Katie Baldof
Dave Baldof
Kathryn Baldwin
Libby Baldwin
Jenn Ball
Mike Ball
Glenn Barker
Kevin Barthel
Liz Barton
Alyssa Bellus
Benevity Fund
Greg Bennett
Jenny Bennett
Joe Bennett
John Berger
Kathy Best
Todd Best
Adam Beyer
Christina Biondolillo
Christopher Bodkin
Maureen Bodkin
Cole Bogacz
Kelli Bogacz
Will Bogacz
Mary Bores
Amy Borowiak
Matt Borowiak
Gemma Bossi
Brian Bossi
Jim Boswell
Tim Boyle
Nellie Brown
Alex Burch
Mel Burch
Sharon Burch
Molly Butsch
Mike Calandra
Sue Calandra
Matthew Caldiero
Christine Campanelli
Sam Campanelli
Anthony Carducci
Amy Carrato
Bianca Catalano
Matthew Catalano
Dan Catullo
Lori Cheatom
Dawn Cielinski
Amy Cioci
Clarence Middle School
Ben Clement
Jay Clifford
Jennifer Colman
Katie Conlon
Kieran Conlon
Missy Conroy
Carolyn Coppola
Joe Coppola
Dan Corbin
Mike Corbin
Kristin Corbin
Carol Corr
Ed Corr
Jim Cosgrove
Betsy Cotter
Monique Courtellucci
James, Jr. Cowan
James, Sr. Cowan
Kathleen Cowan
Kathy Cowan
Keara Cowan
Kevin Cowan
MaryJo Cowan
Janice Curatolo
Kathy Curatolo
Janice Curatolo
Joe Curatolo
Michael Curatolo
Erin Curtin
Cathaleen Curtiss
Mark Dalton
Bill Dambra
Corey Dambra
John Dambra
Ramona Dambra
Marylee Danahy
Savanna Dancy
Jean D'Angelo
Brian Davies
Mark DeAngelo
John DeBaun
Ricki DeBaun
Liz Deck Ohle
Charles Desmond
Debbie Desmond
Cathy DiChiara
Mike Divita
Chrissy Donahue
Kristin Donahue
Tim Dougherty
Dan Downing
Laura Downing
Tim Downing
Angela Downing
Josh Duffy
Cheryl Duguay
Paulette Dust-Allen
Amy Eagan
Greg Eagan
John Eagan
Marge Eagan
Michael Eagan
Vicki Eagan
Eastern Pearl Chinese Restaurant
Tremaine Edwards
Charlie Elardo
Michelle Elardo
Shaina Ferguson
Andrew Fink
Michelle Fink
Jeff Fisher
Amy Flaherty
Anna Flaherty
Beth Flaherty
Bridget Flaherty
Inne Flaherty
James Flaherty
Marie Flaherty
Michael Flaherty
Patrick Flaherty
Patty Flaherty
Pierce Flaherty
Troy Flaherty
Larry Ford
Kelly Fortner
Lucy Fortner
Marc Fortner
Hayley Foster
Kim Fragner
Allyson Fried
John Fromen
Katie Fruehauf
Amy Fuchs
Connor Gallagher
Joe Gannon
Sue Gannon
Andy Gates
Jennifer Gates
Anne Gaulin
Mary Gearing
Michelle Gelotte
Mirta Gentile
Heather Gibson
Troy Gibson
Alan Gozdalski
Sean Grady
Kristen Griffin
Rae Ann Gruver
Mark Hamister
Diane Hankes
Joe Hargadon
Dan Hargonaut
Peter Hassen
Andrew Hawkin
Chris Hendra
Cindy Hipps
Linda Hollis
Identity Ink
Erik Jacobs
Jim Jacobs
Dillon Janca
George Jobson
Sara Kane
Iliana Kaneva
Anne Kelly
Tom Kelly
Joanne Key
Anne Clough Kidney
Paul King
Liam Knott
Kristine Koch
Maria Koehler
Sandy Krasinski
Lily Krasner
Rich Kreiger
Sally Kutter
Barbara Lalama
Judy Lalime
Shannon LaMonte
Ami Lang
Frank Langdon
Shelly Laudico
Jim Lawida
Bill Lawley
Mike Lawley
Pattie Lawley
Zach Liberatore
Suzanne Lichtman
Rob Liederman
Raman Luthra
Sara Lyons
Mike MacLeod
Cheri MacLeod
Kimberly Macleod Fragner
Dan Magee
Dave Maley
Susan Manzella
Ellen Marshall
Bridget Martin
Lauri Mastin
Ryan Matthews
Mary Lou Mattioli
Deb Mays
Kimberly Mazurowski
Nancy McAuley
Brett McGovern
Cheri McKenna
Mike McKenna
Amanda Menendez
Jamie Michael
Joshua Militello
Erin Miller
Ryan Miller
TJ Miller
Trevor Mullins
David Myers
Vanessa Myers
Jessica Nafke
Tim Nafke
NEAT Restaurant
Steve Nicholson
Annamarie Nields
Jason Noni
Tige Noni
Rachel Nuchereno
Lon Nuchereno
Elle Nuchereno
Barb Nuchereno
Steve O
Wendy Olsen
Ryan O'Reilly
Suzanne Orlando
Amy Owczarczak
John Pacholec
Karen Pacholec
Bill Palisano
Sam Palisano
Tracey Palisano
Jim Palmatier
Linda Parker
Devan Patterson
Courtney Peters
Geoff Peters
Nancy Peterson
Scott Peterson
Jim Pfohl
Michael Pitek, III
Christine Popovich
Mark Procknal
Project Lean Nation
Christopher Pulinski
Luke Pulinski
Michelle Pulinski
Robert Pyjas
Melissa Raccuia
Ron Raccuia
Patty Rahill
Lauren Reczek
Jamie Rehak
JP Rehak
Kelly Rehak
Meegan Rehak
Diane Revelas
TJ Revelas
Jill Rexinger-Kuhn
Amanda Rhodes
Jennifer Rittling
Diana Rose
Bret Rosen
Doug Rosen
Laura Rosen
Marisa Rotolo
Jennifer Ruh
Rusko Family
Anne Ryan
Tom Ryan
Diane Sadowski
Ralph Salerno
Salsarita's Mexican Grill
Chris Schaefer
Scott Schalde
Becky Scherrer
Mark Scherrer
Tim Schie
Jill Schurr
Mike Scinta
Paul Sciortino
Penny Seaman
Bret Seifert
Pat Sgroi
Jill Shaver
Robert Simon
Debbie Smith
Sorrentino's Spaghetti House
Kelly Special
Alyssa Special
Bob Sperandio
Cecilia Sperandio
Jackie Sperandio
Joan Sperandio
Mark Sperandio
St. Mark School
Lou Stinebiser
Pam Strickland
Sue Stype
John Sullivan
Kathleen Sullivan
Kim Sullivan
Tammy Sweet
Maryssa Telesco
Karen Terry
The Irishman Pub
David Tiftickjian
Greg Toole
Dennis Topp
Towne Auto
Miriam Treger-Honig
Joey Trinka
Ted Tryka
Trisha Tryka
Kim Utech
Mark Utech
Sharon Utz
Nick Valenti
Michelle Varkonda
Antoinette Volpe
Christine Wagner
Claire Waldron
Dave Waldron
Diane Watt
Tricia Whalen
Gary Whalen
Michelle Wilcox
William Wilkinson II
William G. McGowan Charitable Fund
Darlene Williams
Williamsville Teachers Assoc.
Karen Winden
Jeff Winden
Tom Winger
Amy Winklhofer
Eric Winklhofer
Dan Wischerath
Jackie Wischerath
Tom Witkowski
Abby Woestendiek
Andrew Wolf
Jamie Wolff
Michael Wunderlin
Chris Yensan
Greg Yensan
Taylor Yensan
Beth Zaprowski
Jenny Zaprowski
Jordan Zaprowski
Justin Zaprowski
Kathy Zaprowski
Laura Zaprowski
Scott Zaprowski
Terri Zaprowski
Lo Zendano
Rose Zendano
Tony Zendano
John Zenger
Lisa Zenger
Nancy Zygmunt
Karen Zyra
Daren Zyra

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