The NMB Foundation is an organization that was formed to help rid the world of hazing. If you follow the NMB Blog, you will know that hazing was responsible for Nolan Burches untimely death.

When the foundation was formed it was, and still is the goal of its founders to educate people about the dangers of hazing. When people are informed, they are more inclined to make better choices, especially when it comes to hazing.

Share the Message about Hazing with the NMB Foundation

Education is the key when it comes to hazing awareness. All too often, people who participate, whether as a pledge or an observer, have been brainwashed to believe it is the way it is and always has been.

While hazing has been around for generations, it has only gotten worse, especially when alcohol was introduced into the picture. A huge percentage of hazing deaths have occurred when alcohol was involved.

NMB Foundation Education and the Rite of Passage

Most people think hazing can’t be stopped, but that is far from the truth. With organizations such as the Nolan M. Burch Foundation, people are becoming more aware of the dangers.

Most folks believe hazing only occurs in fraternities and sororities. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. The Rite of Passage into a particular group happens in all sectors. Even church groups have been known to participate in an initiation of sorts.

With community groups, sports organizations and musical groups admitting to some type of initiation it’s easy to see that the entire planet lacks education when it comes to hazing.

The NMB Foundation is Ready to Help

The NMB Foundation has the education and experience to speak you and your school, church, or community group about the dangers of hazing. Why not spread the word yourself and contact the NMB Foundation for more information today.