The NMB Foundation is dedicated to hazing education. This is especially important now that schools, sports, and community organizations are getting ready to open up after being closed for over a year. Once schools and other organizations resume to somewhat normal activities, hazing is bound to become an issue again.

Hazing Education Works

One of the biggest problems with hazing is education, or the lack of it. Sadly, most people presume that pledging to a fraternity, sorority, sports, or social club means being subjected to torture. While this has gone on for decades, and in some countries centuries, the acts of physical and mental abuse do not have to continue.

If you follow the NMB Foundation Blog, you will remember that history goes back as far as the ancient Romans and Greeks with societies urging pledges to go the distance to prove their worth. Fast forward to 2021, and sadly, it seems as if nothing has changed.

Why Hazing Continues

Again, it is because of a lack of education. Because it is something that has always been done, people presume it still must go on, as it is a part of history. According to the NMB Foundation, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Unfortunately, not all history is pretty and the same can be said about hazing.

Hazing also continues because the ones in, “Control,” were never taught how wrong and degrading it is because they had to go through it themselves.

The people who are in charge probably went through hell during their pledging period and figure that others should have to endure it as well.

Spread the Word about the Dangers of Hazing

If you would like to schedule an event and spread the word about the dangers of hazing, call or send a DM to the NMB Foundation today.