If you think hazing has disappeared because of the pandemic, think again. All you have to do is a search on the internet and you’ll discover that this barbaric Rite of Passage is still happening all over the United States, even when some schools are conducting classes online.

According to the NMB Foundation, school, community, and sports clubs are still participating in hazing. This means they are still terrifying and potentially harming students who just want to be popular.

What is Hazing?

If you follow the NMB Foundation Blog, you will remember that hazing is something that clubs do when a new person wants to become a member of a fraternity or sorority. Sports clubs and even religious clubs have lowered their standards introducing hazing to new pledges as well.

Pledges are the people who want to get into the group but must go through a series, of tests before becoming a member. These tests, known as hazing, can be anything from drinking copious amounts of alcohol to running a mile naked in sub zero degree temperatures.

The Ramifications of Hazing

As mentioned above all you have to do is a search on the net and you will find dozens of investigations into hazing deaths. Pledges that make it out alive are often so traumatized that they aren’t able to live a healthy life.

The emotional and mental anguish that comes from hazing cannot be described. According to pledges, it is horrific and needs to stop. Sadly, those same pledges will tell you they thought it was something that everyone needed to do because the leaders of the organization told them it was necessary.

That is not the case; in fact, most of the hazing incidents that have occurred over the years were illegal.

Hazing Education

If you would like to learn more about hazing education and the dangers of the Rite of Passage, call and talk to a team member from the NMB Foundation today.