While schools and universities continue to conduct classes online, some colleges, high schools and grade schools are opting to open in the next few months. When they open to the public and to students, the rite of passage and hazing will probably become part of the package as well.

According to the NMB Foundation, hazing never really stops, it just gets put on the sidelines. Once schools, community groups and sports clubs are back to public consumption there will be a need for new members. With new members comes hazing.

What is Hazing?

If you follow the NMB Foundation, you will remember that hazing is an act that fraternities, sports clubs, community groups, sororities, and even church groups continue as a rite of passage for new members. While some of those rites of passage are completely innocent, others are quite sinister causing pledges great pain that in some cases continues throughout their entire lives.

Much like bullying, hazing is something that members of groups believe must happen in order to indoctrinate a new member into the tribe. Some of those pledges endure life-threatening acts such as consuming copious amounts of alcohol in very little time to running around naked in sub zero temperatures.

Can Hazing Be Stopped?

According to the NMB Foundation, yes it can, but only if people are educated about the dangers of hazing. According to the founders of the NMB Foundation, most people continue the Rite of Passage because they don’t know any better. Most of those same people were probably taught by their elders that hazing is okay and something that has to be done because it, “Makes us stronger and part of the group.”

Because of these age old beliefs, people are dying. Education is the key, but if it isn’t taught, more people will drink too much and end up in the ER on life support.

If you would like to learn more about hazing education, call and schedule an event with the NMB Foundation. Who knows, you just may save a life. Make the call today.