Sadly, bullying and hazing are very similar. In fact, research shows that kids, especially boys, who were bullies when they were younger are more likely to commit the Rite of Passage with dangerous and often life threatening initiation practices.

According to the NMB Foundation, people who commit hazing crimes believe it is necessary to bring the group forward as they themselves were initiated. It’s sad that those types of belief systems are still quite common in America and around the world.

Hazing and Why It is Allowed

While most sororities, fraternities, community, and sports groups have banned hazing and the Rite of Passage, some look the other way. When that happens, things get out of hand with outrageous initiation ceremonies and practices that go beyond the norm.

Those who still approve believe it is something that must be passed down from generation to generation because the Rite of Passage has been around for centuries.

Some of the outrageous initiation practices include drinking large amounts of alcohol until the pledge passes out. Public humiliation is also on the list.

How the Rite of Passage Can Be Stopped

According to the NMB Foundation, hazing can end with education. Because so many people are unaware that it is an unnecessary and unlawful act, education is the key.

The NMB Foundation provides education to community groups, schools and other organizations where hazing and the Rite of Passage continues. Learning about the long lasting harmful effects of the barbaric act teaches people. It teaches people that it is not okay and that people really do get hurt, some even die.

If you would like to learn more about hazing education and the dangers of the Rite of Passage, call. The team members from the NMB Foundation could change someone’s life. Call or click to learn more now.