As dangerous and deadly as hazing is people still aren’t taking it seriously. TV shows and major motion pictures treat it as if it is nothing. In fact, “What Would You Do?” featured an episode that revolved around hazing. Sadly, most people laughed when they saw boys and girls being paddled or shamed. In fact, very few did anything to stop it.

With that being said, families who have been through the tragedy know that it is far more than just nothing.

The NMB Foundation

The NMB Foundation was established to help people understand how dangerous it really is. While the media does report hazing deaths, those statistics are usually delegated to the back pages.

What is Hazing?

If you follow the NMB Foundation Blog, you will remember that hazing, also known as the Rite of Passage is a barbaric ritual that is practiced by social clubs, community groups, sports and athletic clubs, fraternities, and even sororities.

During the practiced ritual, pledges or newbie’s are taken through a bizarre ritual that could include drinking copious amounts of alcohol or shaming. Hazing deaths that are reported include alcohol poisoning and even freezing to death.

The Effects of Hazing

Hazing affects people more than you know. People who have participated in hazing, whether they were the pledge or not, have been traumatized, especially the ones who have witnessed harm and even death.

The Rite of Passage causes emotional scars that sometimes never heal. Thankfully, the NMB Foundation is here to education people about the dangers. The dangers are real, but sadly, people aren’t paying attention.

What you Can Do About It

You can do something to help stop the Rite of Passage. Call and schedule an event with the NMB Foundation. It’s amazing what education can do, and how it can change the way things are. Call and schedule your event with the NMB Foundation today.