Spring is in the air and that means more fraternities will be introducing the Rite of Passage to new pledges. While this barbaric custom should have been stopped years ago, it continues. Sadly, no amount of hazing deaths in the media seems to cease the practice, as people are uneducated when it comes to hazing.

The NMB Foundation and Hazing

Nolan M Burch was just a freshman in 2014 when he participated in a Big Brother event as a pledge with the Kappa Sigma. Witnesses say that his fraternity brothers carried him to a wooden table after drinking excessively for 90 minutes. It wasn’t until he started turning blue that his, “brothers,” decided to call 911.

The Nolan M Burch Foundation was created to let the world know about the dangers of hazing. Because it has been practiced for decades, becoming worse because of alcohol, most people tend to take it for granted.

The NMB Foundation

Every October since 2015, the NMB Foundation has held a fundraiser to tell people about the dangers of pledging for fraternities, social clubs, and even sororities. Sadly, it isn’t just the men who engage in hazing.

In 2020, TJ and Kim Burch will continue to educate people about the dangers of hazing and how important it is to call 911. When people begin to realize that the Rite of Passage is barbaric, maybe they will stop.

Watch and Report if You Notice Hazing

If something doesn’t seem right, it rarely is. If you are witness to excessive drinking or obvious foul play, it is imperative that you dial 911. This will stop the incident. Even if you are worried that your peers will ostracize you, it is vital that you step in and call the authorities. Remember, someone’s life depends on it.

If you would like more information regarding the NMB Foundation, call and talk to a team member today. All it takes is education. Make the call today.