The headlines make it clear that hazing is still happening all over the planet with young men and women being forced to make decisions that can have life threatening consequences. If you follow the NMB Foundation Blog, you know the dangers of hazing.

Hazing and What Can We Do?

According to the NMB Foundation, plenty, because the Mission Statement of the NMB Foundation is to help young men and women recognize and prevent the dangers of Rite of Passage. The initiations that have occurred for hundreds of years don’t have to exist anymore thanks to the NMB Foundation and other like-minded organizations.

What Does the NMB Foundation Do?

The danger of hazing is the reason for the NMB Foundation. With honest and open conversations, men and women have the opportunity to understand the ritual and why it needs to end. The Rite of Passage will be gone as a result.

The need for education and hazing has been unfulfilled. The NMB Foundation educates young adults about the Rite of Passage epidemic.

Enlightening and Educational Programs from the NMB Foundation

Both enlightening and educational, the program offered by the NMB Foundation also explores the moral obligation of each group member. Also discussed is the leadership that goes along with it.

What happened in the past doesn’t have to happen again. Those who saw the Rite of Passage as a duty, don’t have to continue the hazing tradition. As a result, education and information presented in a thoughtful way, fraternity and sorority hazing can stop forever.

It’s football season and the fraternities and sororities are doing what they do best, initiating new members. Let’s not make the initiation a dangerous one.

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