Now that schools and institutions are beginning to open their doors after the pandemic has begun to slow down, hazing will once again become an issue.

While things may have stopped during school closures because of Covid-19, you can be certain they will ramp up once people start getting back into the swing of things. As a result hazing education is vital.

After communities reopen, sororities, fraternities, sports groups, and social groups will begin to hold meetings and resume normal activities.

Hazing Education is Essential

Because every business was closed for months, there was no hazing education. Sadly, people were unable to continue with seminars and classes relating to hazing. Hopefully that will begin to change as the NMB Foundation is dedicated to educating people about the dangers of this ancient practice.

Once the courses resume you can arrange a seminar or class for community groups in your area. If you are in charge of a fraternity or sorority and are concerned with things going back to the way they used to be, call and talk to the NMB Foundation.

Why Hazing Still Exists

If you follow the NMB Foundation Blog, you know hazing has been around for decades with some saying centuries.

People from all classes practiced the Rite of Passage. Those rites of passage were sometimes brutal making it tough on people who wanted to join a specific group. Some of those acts were barbaric making it hard to believe they are still happening today. However, they are still happening and that’s what makes the NMB Foundation so important.

The Future of Hazing Education

Spreading the word about the dangers of hazing is crucial when it comes to the future of hazing. If people were aware of what really goes on, most would be against it.

If you would like to learn more about hazing education, call and talk to the NMB Foundation today.