Even though some institutions are holding classes online, others are resuming as previously scheduled. Some colleges and universities are opening the doors for students allowing studies to be continued on campus. When classes continue, will the hazing resume as well?

While no one knows for sure, some say that hazing and the rite of passage will continue as it always was without a beat. The NMB Foundation hopes that that won’t be the case with more people showing kindness while helping others.

Education and Hazing

Hazing education is vital. If you follow the NMB Foundation Blog you will remember that most people are illiterate when it comes to the rites of passage thinking it’s okay because it’s what their parents and grandparents went through when they joined a sorority or fraternity. As most of you know this couldn’t be further from truth.

Community groups, sororities, fraternities, sports groups and even church groups have been guilty of hazing. Sadly, they didn’t know better. Because no one bothered to teach them how dangerous it was they just continued on with it.

How You Can Help the Dangerous Cycle

The best way to help stop the Rite of Passage and the dangerous cycle is to contact the NMB Foundation. The team from the NMB Foundation has the training and knowledge to educate your school, community, or church group. If you are the dean of a college and back in session, the NMB Foundation is here to help prevent unnecessary hazing. As most are aware, the act is dangerous and unnecessary and can even lead to death.

Stop the Act and Call the NMB Foundation

If you and your organization are interested in organizing an educational session with NMB Foundation call today. You can make a difference. Call and learn more about the dangers of hazing and the NMB Foundation today.