With college and university classes resuming in the near future, offering hazing courses is essential. While there may have been a lapse because of online classes, this will eventually change going back to the way that things used to be.

The NMB Foundation Working for a Cause

For years, the NMB Foundation has been working with community and educational institutions to spread the word about the dangers of hazing.

While things may have slowed down because of the current environment, a sense of normalcy will eventually return. This means people that will believe what they hear about hazing. Those same people will believe it is their duty to carry on the so-called tradition.

Why Hazing is So Bad

If you haven’t researched hazing or don’t know the first thing about it, follow the NMB Foundation Blog. From there you will learn about the history and why it has led to so many deaths across the globe. Yes, that’s right, deaths.

Because the majority of tasks that pledges need to go through involve alcohol and/or extremity exposure, death is a huge risk. All you need to do is research hazing related deaths. In most cases, alcohol was involved. This means the pledge was forced to drink copious amounts of alcohol before passing out. Sadly, the state of the victim isn’t usually discovered until it is too late.

What You Can Do About the Rite of Passage

If you are reading this and thinking, “hey, I was going to join a fraternity or a sports club next year,” make sure that hazing isn’t part of the picture. Do your research and if it does come up in the conversation report it. Dangerous antics by sports, social, school and community groups are deadly.

If you would like to learn more about the dangers of hazing, call and talk to a team member from the NMB Foundation today.