Just like bullying, hazing leaves emotional and sometimes physical scars. Bullying is unacceptable and known publicly as being so.

Sadly, some believe that hazing is part of life. Some people believe that it’s just part of the process. From sororities and fraternities to social club and even military groups, some don’t see it as bullying.

Bullying takes place on the playground and in the boardroom and can take on many different forms.

What is a Bully?

According to the NMB foundation, bullying is aggressive and unprovoked behavior that involves a power struggle. While the behavior is unwanted, it is often repeated throughout life. As a result, people who are bullied as kids usually go on to become bullies themselves.

Bullying results in emotional and physical scars that don’t have to be a part of life. Just like hazing, bullying doesn’t have to occur. Moreover, it is seen by some as something that has to happen if the inductee wants to feel like he is part of the group.

As in bullying, kids and adults will often succumb to the abuse just to feel like they are accepted. Both bullying and hazing are also learned behaviors.

Hazing and Bullying Go Hand in Hand

With hazing comes bullying. Pledges are rarely keen to participate in activities that bring them harm.

Other pledges, members, and group leaders bully pledges and newcomers into the rite of passage. While this may seem absurd, it actually happens. Furthermore, it’s hard to believe that in this day and age people still bully others into drinking to their deaths. Do your research and you will discover that it is still very much alive, causing emotional and physical scars to those who endure it.

Enlighten Others about Hazing with the NMB Foundation

If you would like more information regarding hazing, call and schedule an appointment with the NMB Foundation. Because now more than ever, people need to be aware of the dangers. Call and have a chat with a team member from the NMB Foundation today.