The holidays can be a tough time. Families and friends who have had to deal with a hazing death find it hard to cope. Hazing deaths happen more often than you think but are often overlooked by the press.

Decades of Abuse By Hazing

For over three decades, young men have lost their lives because of a fraternity. Either most college students and social organization members know someone who died from hazing or have friends of friends who have endured the Rite of Passage. The pledges that survive the barbaric custom are left with emotional and sometimes physical scars that will never go away.

So Many Senseless Deaths

Whether it is physical labor, being left out to endure the cold or hot weather or alcohol poisoning hundreds of lives have been lost. Those lives were lost because of social club and fraternal kinship.

Even today Rush still goes on with young pledges carrying out senseless acts. Supporters and members of social groups and fraternities claim that hazing deaths are isolated and do not represent the experience.

Those supporters claim fraternities and social groups get their members involved in the community and public service pointing out that the network is built and supported by alumni. Back in 2017, four men lost their lives because of hazing.

In October of this year, a young pledge fell to his death after the fraternity members forced him to drink alcohol. There is a court case against Theta Chi because of the fall from an 18-foot high window.

This, “Ritual,” Can Be Stopped

The NMB Foundation provides education to people so that they understand that the Rite of Passage is not necessary. Sadly, most people believe that hazing is a part of life.

If you would like more information regarding hazing education, call and schedule a consultation with the NMB Foundation today.