Hazing myths are just that, hazing myths. You would think in today’s world hazing would be ancient history. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

Hazing today is just as bad as it was in the 20th century and in the modern world, can be much worse. Just look at the headlines and you will realize that the Rite of Passage is still very much alive in sororities, fraternities, and social clubs all over the world.

The Real Truth about Hazing

People think if they aren’t a willing participant, they are not hazing. The NMB Foundation explains that there is no consensual hazing and that is a hazing myth. In fact, where hazing is illegal, victims consent will not hold up in court as a defense.

While hazing is most common in sororities and fraternities, it occurs in the military, athletic, and other groups, clubs, and organizations. Consequently, the Rite of Passage isn’t just restricted to colleges and universities.

Other Hazing Myths

According to the NMB Foundation, there is no such thing as a little bit of hazing. Any type of Rite of Passage is wrong. Just a, “Little bit,” can have unforeseen consequences that could turn deadly. It’s a myth that a little bit of hazing is okay. Hazing is hazing.

Other hazing myths that are used to entice potential members is values and traditions. New pledges are led to believe that if they don’t participate, they won’t know the history of the club. This couldn’t be further from the truth as the Rite of Passage is certainly nothing to be proud of.

Psychological is Just as Bad as Physical

While groups insist that hazing is okay if no physical danger is involved, that isn’t the case. Being mentally hazed, can be just as bad if not worse than physical hazing. Having one or more people psychologically torment you can have far reaching consequences that will leave scars for life.

For more information regarding hazing myths and hazing prevention call and talk to the NMB Foundation today.