Hazing hasn’t ever gone away. If you follow the NMB Blog, you will know that the rite of passage  as been around for hundreds of years. However, like some things in history, it isn’t a positive thing.

The rite of passage performed by fraternities, sororities and other social groups has only gotten worse. Because of the introduction of alcohol in the mid 20th century, hazing turned ugly with unplanned visits to the ER and even death. All you have to do is Google hazing deaths and you’ll quickly learn why hazing needs to end.

Hazing and Education

Unfortunately, some group members are led to believe that hazing is okay. As a result, they succumb to peer pressure because sorority sisters and fraternity brothers are scared to death to speak up for fear of punishment. In some cases speaking up is just as bad as the rite of passage itself. Consequently when the group is silent, the hazing continues.

Educating colleges, universities, and social clubs about the dangers is essential. The NMB Foundation was formed out of tragedy but was built on the hopes that Nolan Burch’s Story will not go unheard.

Positive Results with Rite of Passage Education

Assisting young adults by helping them recognize and prevent a rite of passage; the NMB Foundation provides solutions that prevent an unfortunate act of hazing. The programs set up by the NMB Foundation lead to honest and positive conversations.

Ask the NMB Foundation how you can organize an event for your club or school. With education, anything is possible, even ending the rite of passage. Firstly you’ll be doing something for your community, secondly, you’ll be helping put a stop to the rite of passage.

Why Hazing Still Take Place

Those who have suffered abuse often seek revenge. The rite of passage is an outlet for those who been abused in the past. Without a proper resolution, sufferers of past abuse may become physical, emotional, and sexual abusers themselves.

Self Esteem and the Rite of Passage

Everyone wants to be liked and appreciated because achieving acceptance and respect by a social group, fraternity or sorority, satisfies that human instinct. Unfortunately, acceptance comes at a price and that is called hazing.

Ignorance Where Hazing is Concerned

Once again it’s education that teaches the ignorant. Many people think that the rite of passage is the only way to entice new members. Most are unaware of group outings, retreats, and team building. With positive group activities, there is no need for the rite of passage anymore.

If you would like to stop the rite of passage in your community schedule an event with the NMB Foundation. Just educating one more person is a step in the right direction. Consequently, you could change history.

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