Hazing happens every second of every day. Somewhere in the world, someone is being harassed and forced to do unthinkable things all because of the Rite of Passage.

According the NMB foundation, the actual amount of hazing statistics is underestimated, partly because most people have no idea that it is even occurring when they become involved. Add to that the code of silence that goes along with the Rite of Passage and hundreds, if not thousands of incidents go unreported. What’s even more alarming is that no federal or state agencies collect hazing statistics.

Below are a few results from a Fraternity and Sorority Member Survey Regarding Hazing

  • 65 percent of members felt that bonding was the goal of initiation
  • 57 percent of respondents believe that psychological stress toleration is important
  • 29 percent felt it was imperative that the person being initiated tolerate pain
  • 31 percent felt that initiation elements include humiliation
  • 29 percent believe the consumption on the extreme is part of initiation
  • 29 percent agree that abuse of alcohol during pledging is an issue
  • 25 percent felt that paddles were always used during initiation

Education to End Hazing

What is most shocking is that over half of college students surveyed in 2017 participated in some type of initiation. Unfortunately, 95 percent of the students who were hazed kept quiet about the incident while 25 percent of advisors and coaches who were aware didn’t report it either.

Education is the key. When you educate students and members of social clubs about the dangers of hazing, things will and do change.

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