The Rite of Passage isn’t going away. While there have been numerous stories in the media talking about hazing deaths in America, it isn’t easy to find those headlines. Generally, they are often buried under news articles about the rich and famous. As a result, people aren’t often informed about the growing epidemic of hazing.

The NMB Foundation for Hazing Education

The Nolan Michael Burch Foundation, NMB, was created to help educate people on the Rite of Passage. Because of Nolan’s senseless death, it is the wish of the family and everyone who knew this amazing man that something be done to stop the madness.

It was created to show communities what the Rite of Passage can do for everyone involved. Even those who haven’t been touched directly can learn from the teachings of the NMB Foundation.

Why is Hazing Still Allowed?

Unfortunately, most colleges and universities turn their heads the other way when hazing is mentioned. Although most know it occurs, the subject is rarely broached. The powers that be at educational institutions only act when someone has been injured or murdered.

Because most college students believe that the Rite of Passage is something that everyone does, people get hurt. A mob of social club attendees watching the hazing of a new inductee is hopefully not pleasant for anyone, but all believe, it is just how it is.

How NMB Can Help You and Your Organization

Everything in life is about education. Educated people take notice, regardless of the subject matter. People who understand the dangers are learning that it’s okay to stand up and say no. With the help of the NMB Foundation, you, and whomever you need to educate, will help spread the word.

With the help of the NMB Foundation, hazing can be put in the history books. When people understand that it is not okay to force someone to drink a bottle of whisky in five minutes or swim naked in the lake in the middle of winter, society will begin to change.

You Can Help Stop Hazing

You can stop hazing. Call or click and schedule a consultation with the NMB Foundation. The team has the tools you need to help educate everyone involved in your organization and beyond. Call or click today.