Fraternity’s sororities and other social clubs have been participating in hazing for decades. Even a hundred years ago, there were reports of death by rite of passage.

Today it seems as if nothing has changed with a suspicious death by hazing being reported in January. It’s 2019 and nothing seems to have changed with fraternities still treating the rite of passage as part of the culture.

Why Do Students Participate in Social Clubs?

Many students pledge sororities and fraternities to fit in. For newbie’s this means a chance to be part of the in crowd and participate in a healthy social life. However, hazing is anything but healthy.

While the pledging is meant to teach new pledges the history and ritual of the sorority or fraternity, it is much more than that. During the pledging period, pledges are meant to withstand abuse and being treated as second-class citizens.

Although the abuse may begin as something small and harmless, with things like running errands, buying lunch, cleaning and even doing homework, it often escalates to forced drinking and even physical punishment and beatings. The pledges that are so desperate to become part of the group go along with the process taking the dreaded, “Oath of Silence.”

What is the Oath of Silence in Hazing?

Every pledge takes an Oath of Silence before becoming a member for the fraternity or sorority. That oath means keeping silent about the history of the club, and what goes on during the pledging process. Pretty much anything that goes on behind closed doors is off limits because of the Oath of Silence. Because it has been going on for years and years, the cycle continues.

The NMB Foundation educates everyone on the dangers of hazing. With rites of passage education, people are learning to speak up and speak out if they witness or are part of the hazing process.

Learn about the Dangers of Hazing

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