In this day and age, it’s surprising that hazing still exists. Sadly, the Rite of Passage has become dangerous and is still practiced all over the globe in social clubs, fraternities, sororities, sports clubs, and even so-called religious clubs.

Sadly, people have been misinformed and so uneducated about the Rite of Passage that it still continues. Thankfully, organizations such as the NMB Foundation exist to educate people about the dangers of hazing.

The Rite of Passage Goes Deeper than you Think

While some fraternity, sorority, and social club adult members chastise hazing in public, some tell others to continue the tradition. There were 17 pledge deaths between 2010 and 2017. Hazing traditions include sleep deprivation, alcohol consumption, committing sexual acts, isolation, and humiliation.

Sadly, the Rite of Passage continues despite new laws that punish the behavior. One member of a fraternity was actually responsible for the death of a student but is continuing to defend hazing. This adult is one of the highest-ranking fraternity officers in the United States.

Too Much Internal Pressure

If those in charge are feeling pressure, you can only imagine how pledges and students who have been hazed feel. It’s no surprise that over 95 percent of people hazed do not report the hazing incident. What’s worse is that 25 percent of those hazed believed that advisers and coaches knew about the incident or incidents. What’s even sadder is that some alumni were physically present during nearly half of those incidents.

Stopping the Rite of Passage

While hazing still exists, it can be stopped. The NMB Foundation educates schools, social clubs, and entire communities about the dangers of the Rite of Passage. Too many deaths go unnoticed because there is a lack of education. If more people were aware of what really goes on, hazing could be stopped.

If you would like more information and would like to end the Rite of Passage, call and talk to a team member from the NMB Foundation today.