Hazing, Rite of Passage, Initiation, Trial By Fire, Ordeal, Test of Courage and Martyrdom are just a few of the synonyms you’ll find for the practice that fraternities, social groups and even some sororities participate in for new pledges.

According to the NMB Foundation, hazing has been around for centuries. Because of the tragic Rite of Passage death of 18-year old Nolan Burch the NMB Foundation was formed. If you follow the NMB Foundation Blog, you will know the story of the bright and outgoing freshman fraternity pledge.

The NMB Foundation Has Solutions for Rite of Passage

Just like everything, hazing needs to end. As a result, the NMB Foundation was formed to help young men and women recognize and prevent the dangers that are associated with hazing. By utilizing local organization and educational facilities through awareness and education, you are promoting an honest conversation that provides solutions to the Rite of Passage problem.

Why Hazing Needs to Be Stopped

Senseless deaths occur every year from hazing. At least one Rite of Passage death has been recorded from 1969 to 2017. Since 1838, more than 200 Rite of Passage deaths have occurred. The leading cause of death is alcohol poisoning. Of course, this figure could be far greater because there is no exact list available or a system to track hazing deaths.

Senseless Deaths from the Rite of Passage

The list of deaths on Wikipedia is enough to educate young people on the dangers of hazing. Just one of the many is enough to schedule a consultation with the NMB Foundation. Consequently, ponder this for a moment;

Dean Niswonger and Jerry Wendell, another pledge, were taken out into the country for a hazing ritual that required them to find their way back to the fraternity house. After sitting on the road waiting for a ride, both fell asleep. As a result, Niswonger was hit by a truck and died from the hazing incident.

Stop the Rite of Passage with the NMB Foundation. It really will make a difference. Call or click today.