Hazing is still happening, but thanks to N.O.L.A.N., things are getting better.

Through awareness and education, the NMB Foundation has a mission. A mission to end hazing while empowering you to make a difference ending hazing once and for all.

Nolan’s Hazing Story

Nolan Burch was just like any other college freshman. Ready to take on the world with a full class schedule and more. Nolan made a choice between hockey and pledging for a fraternity with the later winning out. Because of his part time job and full course load, he didn’t have time for both.

On his final night of pledging, he was told to drink a 750 ML bottle of whisky, 100 proof no less. Nolan’s, “Big Brother,” who was supposed to look after him and the rest of the new pledges, gave him the deadly dose. Nolan didn’t survive that night and passed away from acute ethanol poisoning with a blood alcohol level of 0.493. Nolan lives on with his liver, kidneys, and lungs being donated.

What is N.O.L.A.N.?

The night Nolan was hazed, over 50 people, including women, could have made the right decision instead of standing around watching a young man die a slow death on a stage for all to see. As a result of that night,  November 12, 2014, just five days after his 18th birthday, Nolan passed away in the emergency room. He never did regain consciousness. The NMB Foundation began so that Nolan’s tragedy never occurs again, to a man, or a woman.


Educating young adults about the dangers while recognizing and preventing it from happening is the mission of the NMB Foundation. By encouraging local schools and other organizations, such as the parent-teacher organization, to understand and identify hazing behaviors, and what leads up to them, bystanders learn how to get involved, leave the sidelines and prevent the hazing from happening.

Hazing Has Many Consequences

People who participate in the act of hazing could deal with legal, financial, and most importantly, moral consequences. Reluctance from fear or peer pressure can be overcome with the help of the NMB Foundation.

Stop the hazing and contact the NMB Foundation for more information. You really could save a life. Call or click today.