Hazing is on the increase thanks to the blatant disregard for dignity and respect. Because people are not educated on the dangers, those who participate are uninformed and believe that this Rite of Passage MUST take place. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Hazing Happens All Year Round

Although it is more prevalent during the fall and spring, it happens year round. According to the NMB Foundation, fraternities, sororities, and social clubs actively participate in rituals every month of the year.

Social club members feel it is essential for all new pledges to go through what they went through, regardless of how painful the experience was. From downing a gallon of whisky in a half an hour to spending the night in near freezing conditions with nothing but a pair of underwear on, those who endured the hazing see it as a ritual that MUST go on.

New pledges are pressured from all sides. Firstly, it comes from the members; secondly, even roommates who have nothing to do with the social club will put pressure on a new pledge.

It’s Cool to Be in a Social Club

Being popular is important, especially to students who have just enrolled in school. Becoming a member of a fraternity, sorority, or other social club shows others that you have made the grade, even if you had to tolerate abuse to get there.

Hazing has been outlawed in many states, but still takes place. Hawaii, Montana, Alaska, New Mexico, Wyoming, and South Dakota have put laws and restrictions in place.

Any situation or action that takes place without consent from the participant is illegal. Even if the act was unintentional, it is still hazing if it affects the academic, physical, or mental safety of the person involved. If the pledge is at risk, it is hazing.

Stop Hazing with Educational Programs

The NMB Foundation was created to help educate everyone about the dangers of the Rites of Passage. Members of the foundation are on a mission to spread the word.

It’s time to stop the Rite of Passage. Call or click and talk to a team member from the NMB Foundation. You really can create a tidal wave of information that will end the Rite of Passage once and for all.

Call and have a chat with the NMB Foundation today.